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Apply to our Sixth Form

Application and enrolment for September 2023

Enrolment for offer holders will take place on Thursday 24th August as outlined in your offer letter.

Students wishing to make a late application can attend school in person on Friday 25th August between 0900 and 1400 to apply and enrol.  Students should bring a copy of their GCSE results and photographic ID (e.g. passport) with them.

If you are not able to enrol in person, but would still like to apply for a place, please click on the link below to complete a late application form.  Please note: This form will only be available between 0800 26th August 2023 to 1800 3rd September 2023.  We will contact you during the week beginning 4th September to discuss your application further.

Late Application Form

Applications for Year 12 September 2023

Thank you for your interest in our sixth form.  This page contains important information to help you with your application.  Please start by clicking on the link below to view our prospectus that provides some important general information about our school including the importance of being a faith community and details of our scholarship programme.

Below, you can view the subject option blocks and entry requirements for our courses next year.  Most students study 3 courses although in a small number of cases, some students may study 2 or 4.  It is only possible to study 1 course from each option block (A,B,C and D) as the subjects in each block are timetabled together.  Please look at the option blocks and entry criteria carefully before completing an online application.  Whilst it is possible to change options later, it is sensible to take time to carefully consider your choices now.

Option Blocks for September 2023 entry:

Block A  Block B  Block C  Block D 
A Level Biology A Level Physics A Level English Literature A Level Art
A Level Computer Science A Level Government and Politics A Level Further Mathematics A Level Chemistry
A Level Economics A Level Psychology A Level Geography A Level History
A Level Sociology   A Level Mathematics A Level Mathematics
L3 Applied Human Biology L3 Health and Social Care L3 Business Studies A Level Religious Studies
    L3 Sport L3 Applied Psychology
    GCSE Mathematics (Re-sit) GCSE English (Re-sit)

Entry Criteria for sixth form courses

Please note: It is important that students study courses that are appropriate for their ability and provide the best chance of success and progression.  The entry criteria below show the expected achievement at GCSE to embark on our sixth form courses.  Where students narrowly miss part of the criteria to study certain courses, we will assess their application on an holistic basis to make a final decision.

Course Minimum GCSE English Grade (Language or Literature) Minimum GCSE Mathematics Grade Other Specific Requirements
A Level English Literature 6 4 6 in English Language and Literature
A Level Mathematics 4 7  
A Level Further Mathematics 4 8  
A Level Biology 5 6 7 in GCSE Biology or Double Science.
A Level Chemistry 5 7 7 in GCSE Chemistry or Double Science.
A Level Computer Science 4 6 6 in GCSE Computer Science or equivalent.
A Level Physics 5 7 7 in GCSE Physics or Double Science.
A Level History 6 4 6 in GCSE History
A Level Geography 6 4 6 in GCSE Geography
A Level Economics 6 6  
A Level Art 5 4 6 in GCSE Art
A Level Sociology 6 4  
A Level RS Philosophy & Ethics 5 4 5 in GCSE RE
A Level Government and Politics 6 4  
A Level Psychology 6 6 5 in two GCSE Science Subjects
L3 (BTEC) Applied Psychology 4 4 4 in two GCSE Science Subjects
L3 (BTEC) Health and Social Care 4 4  
L3 (BTEC) Applied Human Biology 4 4 4 in two GCSE Science Subjects
L3 (OCR) Business Studies 4 4  
L3 (BTEC) Sport 4 4