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Ursuline Student Profile

Aims of the Ursuline Student Profile (USP)

“To produce a profile that describes the whole process of Ursuline education,
rather than that of a school leaver.”

The USP proposes, alongside the two guiding principles of United in Harmony and Serviam, eight pairs of virtues, that sum up what a pupil in an Ursuline school is growing to be. It was first introduced in school in September 2019 and relaunched in September 2021.  Each half term we concentrate on a different set of virtues. Each half term the virtues stimulate discussion in class, assemblies, retreats and liturgy, in meetings of governors, with school leaders, teachers, support staff and parents; and is used to explain to prospective parents the aims of Ursuline education.  Alongside the student profile, we have developed parallel statements which explain what an Ursuline school needs to do to help its students grow in the virtues of the Ursuline Student Profile.

More detail on each set of values can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Ursuline Student Profile Booklet

Below is a timeline for when we will focus on each set of values as a school community.