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Pastoral Care

For students to flourish during their sixth form study it is important that they are happy, safe and motivated within school. The pastoral care offered to students ensures that this is the case.

All students are a member of a form group of around 25 students. Their form tutor will meet with them every day and is their first point of contact for information sharing, answering queries and dealing with issues that may arise.

Besides the sixth form tutors, the team also includes the Heads of Year 12 and 13 and the Sixth Form Administrator. The team monitors students’ welfare and progress and intervenes whenever issues occur. Monitoring takes place through academic performance, attendance and punctuality data and teacher feedback. If intervention is required, students will often meet with the Head of Year or Deputy Headteacher and a plan or support be put in place. We value the support that parents play in their daughter’s education and we involve parents where appropriate. We also have the services of a school counsellor that can be used by sixth form students.