Career Services


The UAI encourages students to aim high in all they do. Therefore we are committed in accordance with the statutory guidance to provide impartial and independent advice to students outlining all the options from university to apprenticeships, from gap years to setting up a business. Each Year Group has a minimum of 4 career lessons per year as part of the PSHE programme. Extra focus is placed on Yrs 9 & 11 when choosing their options and every Yr 11 student is offered a one-to-one appointment with an external career advisor.

Students are encouraged to gain experience for their CV’s or personal statements by volunteering or arranging work experience. In addition the school uses the weekly newsletter to advertise summer school and placements at universities.

There are several supports in place for the Sixth Form students to ensure that students have the correct information whilst researching which courses or universities to choose. There are links with local employers and various speakers from law, medicine, business etc are invited to speak to the girls.
For students who require additional support, the Connexions team are on hand to play an important role in assisting the young person to make application to colleges or apprenticeships.

Useful websites

National Careers Service
Directions Online Careers Service
The Apprenticeship Guide
Information and guidance from UCAS
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