We are a small sixth form and our curriculum is focused on GCE advanced level qualifications in a range of academic subjects. The majority of our students go on to study at university and a significant proportion of these go on to Russell group universities and highly competitive courses. In addition to our A’ level offer, students also have the opportunity to work towards the Extended Project Qualification which a number of students complete each year with excellent results.

The majority of our students will study 3 A’ level qualifications, however in some cases students may study 4 A’ levels (subject to academic performance both at GCSE and during the course). In exceptional circumstances, some students may study less than three A levels.

The sixth form operates a 2-week timetable and students receive 11 x 50 minute lessons for each A’ level per fortnight. In addition, all students attend form registration for 20 minutes at the start of each day. This time is used for assemblies as well as tutor mentoring and other activities to support students’ development. Students also receive 1 x 50 minute lesson of Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) per week and, for those not studying Philosophy and Ethics at A’ level, 1 x 50 minute lesson of General RE per week.