Psychology is taught at A level only at the Ursuline Academy Sixth Form and can be defined as the science of mind and behaviour of both human and non-human subjects. Essentially, psychology is all about animal and people behaviour. 

We are all amateur psychologists, every time we try and work out why someone acted the way they did or try to predict how someone might behave or react. The difference between us and a psychologist is that Psychology tries to find answers to some of these questions by investigating them in a more scientific manner. 

If you would like to understand both yourself and others better, psychology is the subject for you.

Staffing and resources

A level Psychology is taught by experienced subject specialists.

Course textbooks used are the AQA approved Psychology for A Level Year 1, and Psychology for A level Year 2 by Illuminate publishing.

Content overview

The course specification taught is AQA

Students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of psychology through a range of topics. They will be expected to answer a range of questions assessing three different skills: Knowledge and understanding (AO1), Application (AO2) and Analysis and evaluation (AO3). Questions vary from 1 mark and extended 16 mark essay style questions.

Paper 1

Social Influence





2 hour terminal examination

Paper 2

Approaches in Psychology


Research Methods


2 hour terminal examination

Paper 3

Issues and Debates in Psychology

Option 1: – Relationships or Gender or Cognition and development

Option 2: – Schizophrenia or Eating Behaviours or Stress

Option 3: – Aggression or Forensic Psychology or Addiction


2 hour terminal examination