The department is staffed with an experienced and highly qualified team of specialist teachers. Maths is taught in a suite of five specialist rooms. All rooms are fully equipped with digital projectors and interactive whiteboards.

As a department we strive continuously for all students to build on a collection of skills;

  • Independent thinking
  • Team working
  • Ability to adapt
  • Relate Maths to practical situations

We aim to provide challenges for students which will set them in the right direction of their lives. We encourage our pupils to have fun with the subject and take part in various schemes and challenges such as the UK Mathematics Trust Challenge (UKMT) and the Big Sister Scheme (BSS).
Each year, we take a selection of students on a Maths trip to explore enrichment opportunities outside the curriculum to enhance pupils’ enjoyment of mathematics.

We have a long tradition of achieving excellent exam results for GCSE and believe in our ways of teaching and we hope your daughter has the opportunity to experience what we have to offer.

Curriculum Content

There are a range of teaching groups from year 7 to 11. All groups are arranged according to ability. The group sizes vary according to the maths set. Progress is monitored on a regular basis through topic tests and end of year exams and the students may be moved between sets where appropriate. Maths is taught for lessons of 50 minutes each and range per year group.

Year 7 – 3 Lessons
Year 8 – 3 Lessons
Year 9 – 4 Lessons
Year 10 – 4 Lessons
Year 11 – 5 Lessons
Year 12 – 5 Lessons
Year 13 – 5 Lessons

Year 7 to 8

The course encourages students to adopt an investigative and interactive approach to their learning. It is studied at a pace suited to the ability of the group. In addition to the topics learnt, the course also includes mental mathematics, efficient use of a calculator, investigations and proof, mathematics through the use of ICT, and revision and consolidation of earlier work.

Course Text Books:

Year 7-8 Maths Frameworking, K.Gordon, K. Evans & B.Speed, Published by Collins Education

Year 9-11 (GSCE Mathematics)
Examination Board: Edexcel.

The department follows the Linear Specification. All the examinations are taken at the end of the course (end of Year 11). There are two tiers of entry: Higher and Foundation. There is one non-calculator paper and two calculator paper in each tier. The papers are 1hour 30 minutes long. All three papers carry equal marks.

Revision Booklets are issued at the relevant level of entry are to all students e.g. A*/A grade or C Grade

Key Stage 5 (A Level Mathematics)

Examination Board: Edexcel.

In A Level Mathematics students study six modules: Four Core Modules and Two Applied Modules – Statistics & Mechanics. All examinations are 1 hour 30 minutes and carry equal marks.

Year 12

Core Mathematics I

Core Mathematics II

Mechanics 1 Statistics 1

Year 13

Core Mathematics III

Core Mathematics I

Statistics 1

Course Text Books:

AS/A-LEVEL (Statistics & Mechanics)